San Francisco Anthropologists

If you don’t like being observed, San Francisco is definitely the wrong place to be this week. Thousands (I think but I didn’t count) of anthropologists from allover the world are here for the American Anthropological Association’s annual conference. Actually you may not have much to worry about, we are mostly watching each other, but you can be sure that there is somebody doing a study on the study of people who are studying the people that study people. All shapes, sizes, and varieties of people at the conference. My adviser pointed out that the one’s in suits are looking for work usually but I’m in a suit and I don’t want a job. He also pointed out that lots of middle aged anthropologists like to attach something tribal to their otherwise normal dress..he is right. Not me though. I’m just a guy that is curious about people and wanted to meet his baby niece. I did…she’s a cutie. Somehow she must have gotten all of my DNA but hopefully not the balding gene although at the moment she is bald, mostly. Also got to see my good buddy from way back in the usmc days and was reminded of an infamous Christmas night in a dirty old strip bar when a crazy fight happened ‘inside, outside, everywhere’.

Nice Rebround. shiiiing.


Vago Damitio

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