A Sad Day for Americans and Turks

It’s been coming for a while, but diplomatic relations between Turkey and the United States have fallen to a historic low. It was bound to happen with dictator strongmen running each country – I had only hoped that the rest of us could not be too badly effected by it – but as of yesterday – there are no longer Turkish tourist visas for Americans or American tourist visas for Turks.

I love Turkey. There is no country in the world that comes even close to it – the only place I would rather live in Hawai’i. Which I do – but I should be clear – I love the Turkey that existed before 2012, before Erdogan was in full power. I loved the cosmopolitan, sophisticated, liberal, and secular Turkey that grew from the masterful reconstruction orchastrated by Kamal Ataturk. The Turkey of Erdogan is every bit as disgusting as Trumpmerica. Both tyrants have empowered hatred, bigotry, backwards thinking, religious bullshitery, and pushed their respective countries back decades.

If the policies and views of these two monsters are what humans have to offer – then I welcome the coming takeover by artificial intelligence. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to live, work, and fall in love with Turkey before these monsters began destroying our nations in earnest.

I am so sorry this is happening. To my Turkish friends, the wonderful Turks and Kurds who were my students, my friends, my family, my coworkers – please know that I have not forgotten your hospitality, your goodness, or your beautiful culture and country. The problem is with out moronic presidents and their backwards religious supporters. Our citizens have so much to learn from each other. This is a travesty.

Seni Seviorum Turkey.

Below are a few pictures that I am grateful to have been able to take.

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