Returning to Morocco – Life Changes!


Well, I am back in Sefrou and decided to accept the job in Alaska. So I used what was left of my cash to book tickets (I’ll explain more about this in the future) and then I found out that actually, I hadn’ t been offered the job yet, just the chance to apply for it! So I’ve applied for it and have spent all my money to get there by June 1st. I have a ticket coming back on September 30th though…so that is a comfort at least.

These are the tickets and stubs from the first part of my journey…Europe to Morocco part 1…

Here is the crazy thing. To get from Morocco to North America…I didn’t find less than $1200 one way. The cheapest way to get to North America from Africa or Europe that I could find was the following:
Train from Fez to Casablanca. Easyjet to Madrid. (Madrid to Frankfurt not figured out yet) Frankfurt to Dublin ($20 with Ryanair), and Dublin to Quebec City, Canada with Continental with a return in September. All of that was just about $500 U.S.

These are a few of the maps from a few of the cities I’ve visited….

So with any luck, I will be couchsurfing along the way but in the meantime, I’m happy to be back in Sefrou with Hanane and her family and all our friends here. I leave on May 12 for Casa and then onto the rest of the journey. Have applied for the job in Alaska and will hopefully get it, but if not, as the saying goes, the only thing harder than making a fortune in Alaska is keeping one…so something will work out.

As I say, I submit myself to the will of God in these matters.


Vago Damitio

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