Street scene in Edinburgh, photo by Moyan Brenn

Remembering Crossroad Cities of Culture in Europe Berlin, Amsterdam and Edinburgh

Remembering Crossroad Cities of Culture in Europe Berlin, Amsterdam and Edinburgh

Story by Sarah Piali
Photos by Moyan Brenn

Amsterdam Photo by Moyan BrinnEvery year the European Commission awards the title “Capital of Culture” to two cities in Europe. There are many more “Crossroads of culture” today than there were before EU integration. Yet the greatness of the European union of culture predates recent history, within the international cities of Berlin, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. While hitting every city in the continent during vacation is an exhilarating challenge for any traveler, the rich and varied cultural experience of Europe can be had within any of these cities. So relax on your next trip, and enjoy just one of these hubs of heritage and beauty.


Amsterdam is the epicentre of art and abandonment. Both the festive pace of its bars and restaurants and the eclectic galleries are in synch with the sense of the city. It has always been a cosmopolitan zone of commerce, but nowadays, creative ideas, music and fashion fusion all exchange hands in this place! The biggest National Antique Art Fair in the Netherlands takes place in Amsterdam during the third week of November! There’s also the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) in the Leidesplein through the month. See the website for times of viewings! If Indie Rock is more your scene, London Calling music festival plugs kids in across the English channel to share in the experience!


The ultimate city of change, Berlin is always in transition. Like its previous dichotomy of East and West Berlin, the city of today is a mix of overlapping worlds of literature, art and music, in distinct cultural subgroups, all innovating through a variety of expressions. This November 8th the traditional Fairy Tale Market is helping to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales that have horrified and captivated generations! The Foreign Affairs Festival is an international performance stage series that discusses through art, the global issues and most pressing social topics of our time, from a variety of cultural perspectives! Trust is a collaboration of dance and theatre exploring the fragility of human bonds in one extraordinary play on November 10th. A list of the rich offerings is impossible to offer in full.


Street scene in Edinburgh, photo by Moyan BrennThis is the Scottish city of tradition. The fascinating customs and rituals to preserve the connection with the past that are reproduced in Edinburgh are some of the most eye opening available in Europe! Witness the ancient Celtic New Year celebration, the Samhuinn Fire Festival drumming through Edinburgh on October 31st 2012! On November 30th, Scotland’s patron saint starts a myriad of parties in the capital with St. Andrew’s Day. If you want the best of both tradition and imagination, nothing will capture your attention like the Scottish International Storytelling Festival October 19th-28th!

The cultural opportunities of each are more than enough to keep your days and nights packed! Book your Apartments Berlin ,Amsterdam or Edinburgh with and get ready to go