What am I doing here? Ranting about the Mohammad Movie

Vago Damitio. What am I doing here?

Sefrou, Morocco
19 Sep 2012

The world is filled with idiots and evil people. That’s the only conclusion I can come up with after watching the events of the past week unfold. As an American who lives in the Arab world and is constantly surrounded by Islam, I have to say that I’m shocked. I didn’t see this one coming – but I should have. My big mistake is underestimating the stupidity and hate that oozes from the pores of society.

Congratulations to the extremist idiots of the Ibarhimic religions and the hate mongers of America, Israel, and the Arab world. You are the winners of this event. The rest of us lose and have to deal with the consequences of your actions.  Some, like diplomat, Chris Stevens who was killed when the embassy in Libya was attacked, the nine foreign civilians blown up on a bus in Kabul, the dozen or so US Marines who have died so far as a result of this film, and the Arab civilians who have been beaten, killed, tortured, or bombed but had nothing to do with any of this – those have paid the high price with their lives,  their health, or their liberty. And why?

The truth is, none of that is still very clear. Let me recap what the media has so far revealed. Nakoula Basilley Nakoula, a coptic Christian from Egypt living in California claimed to raise 5 million dollars from Jewish businessmen to make a film about early Egyptian desert life with a bunch of actors who didn’t seem to find it odd that early Egyptians would be called Hillary, Condoleeza, and George (the names in the script) and apparently, they were all completely ignorant of Islam as well because they didn’t recognize that they were perverting scenes from the life of the prophet Mohammad – or more likely, they didn’t care or thought it was funny.  In post production, the names of the characters were changed to Mohammad, Khadija, Abu Bakr and other beloved names in Islam and inflammatory statements that were 100% certain to drive the fundamentalist Islamic devout into a frenzy were added in a sloppy dubbing that doesn’t show up as sloppy with the Arabic dubbing that were added for Arab viewers – which leads me to believe that Arabic speakers were the intended audience.

Cairo protests and riotsThe film, or at least the inflammatory scenes were then uploaded to youtube and promoted to Arab extremists and Christian hate groups by the hate monger Florida preacher who became famous for having a Quran burning party (I’m sure that Jesus was and is very proud of his followers being so filled with hate) – amazingly, the clips were marketed in just such a way that they were sure to reach those who would protest them violently (after all, a cartoon depiction of the Prophet led to the murder of the artist and this film clip showed the prophet engaged in cunnilingus with the first believer) – just in case, radical Muslim clerics were sent the files and of course Al Quaida, which more and more looks like the tool of the Western War Machine, used it’s diminished capacity to send dangerous fanatics to the US embassies where they attacked people who had nothing to do with film making of any kind and killed Stevens (a former Peace Corps volunteer who spoke Arabic and French and was perhaps the best friend the Libyan people had in terms of building a prosperous and modern society).  What a fucking nightmare.

For American civilians like me who live in Islamic countries – this adds a big headache and makes life dangerous for us and our families. It makes travel less likely and it makes development of the Arab world less likely because it has instantly burned the bridges of reconcilliation – and why?

Because a shady individual made a film with questionable funds and marketed it virally online in exactly the way it needed to be marketed to make the biggest stink. A professional  propaganda machine couldn’t have done it any better and this guy is a check fraud scam artist? Are we supposed to believe that he just did it because he hates Islam? The mysterious backers – they gave up their money just so they could push the buttons of Islamic fundamentalists?

In situations like these – it’s always best to look at who benefits the most. I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just looking at who benefits.

1) Fundamentalist groups – The zionists can show how terrible and unreasonable the Muslims are. The jihadists can show how disrespectful and hate filled the infidels are. The christian hate mongers can show how unreasonable the Jews and the Muslims are. It’s a tri-fecta whammy – hate groups unite for hating!

2) The defense industry – Just in case anyone forgot about 911 or the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan don’t kick up – we’ve got new martyrs and unreasonable foes.  There’s a whole new war to be fought.  Every missile or bullet fired has to be replaced with tax payer dollars. Every death is a victory for the arms merchants no matter which side it is on.

3) Israel and Netenyahu. Obama has been ignoring Israel and it’s demands that something be done about Iran. Perhaps the one success of his presidency was putting Israel down a notch in terms of the demands it can make on US policy, arms, and troops.  With the Arab world going crazy over ‘American free speech’ – suddenly you can expect that Israel will be an easy sell to American voters over the Arab world.

Follow the money and it leads to defense contractors in Israel and the US.  The hate groups are their unpaid laborers.

And who loses?

I do. You do (unless you are a hate monger, a zionist, or a defense contractor). Arabs do. Americans do.  Libyans do. Egyptians do. Arabs do. Muslims do. Jews do. Christians do.

We all lose. Travel is harder, life is more dangerous, compassion is harder to come by, life is more difficult.

I just want to point out. I live in the Arab world.  I live in the Muslim world. I’m American. I was recently in Egypt.  ‘These people” don’t hate “us” –  by and large,  every Egyptian I met was happy to meet me, spoke kind words about the USA, and behaved kindly towards me. The same can be said of just about every Arab or Muslim I’ve ever met.  I’m in a position to know this. The extremists like to paint out that ‘they’ hate ‘us’. The only way they can possibly be right is if we choose to throw out their definitions of them and us.  Who are they? Not Arabs, not Muslims, not Christians, not Jews, not the group they are pointing to. Those groups don’t hate ‘us’.  I would propose that the next time you hear ‘they’ substitute ‘extremists’ and when you hear ‘us’ substitute ‘reasonable human beings’. That statement is true.

Extremists hate reasonable human beings.

Or if you want to get more radical substitute arms dealers and peace.

Arms dealers hate peace.

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