Ramadan in Morocco

Ramadan is not the best time to have a vacation in Morocco.

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6 thoughts on “Ramadan in Morocco

  1. HI,

    I read your post while having my breakfast before a day of fast.
    It really felt good as I could connect to your story.

    Indeed, I am a French of Moroccan origin (also of a berber sheperd) now leaving in South Africa. I miss Moroccan traditions and food during the month Ramadan the most.

    As you sort of explained, during the day everybody is edgy and people start to kind of fade away as the day goes. But then there’s a tension build up just before Iftar. you can feel the house slowly coming to life in anticipation of what’s coming!

    Finally, when the first date, or glass of milk or glass of water is down, people feel a rush and joy and happiness feel the house!

    Ramadan is not bad here either, it’s actually very easy as it is winter. But I’d swap with you for a day just to experience again Morocco.

    Good luck to you and your family for the rest of the fast.


  2. Thanks Rolam. Ramadan Mubarak Said! I’m jealous of you fasting in the winter. It won’t be like that here again for quite a while. I bet the harira here is better though!

  3. It’s simple. There’s no Harira and I am too lazy to attempt making one!
    There’s definitely a market for moroccan food (restaurant) here though.

    As you are a “vagobond”, you should try visiting South Africa (and Cape Town in particular). Extremely interesting place.


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