Street Photography in Portugal

Portugal is a wonderful place for street photography. When you go, you won’t have a hard time finding great photos – and to help you find the right place to stay, here is a list of all the hotels in Portugal with thousands of reviews and multi-site price comparisons.

Another nice day here. As usual, the rain followed me here and I woke to gray skies. Got rained on a bit but it was actually pretty nice. Then it cleared up.

I’m going to head north to Porto tomorrow.

Today I checked into the Easy Hostel and while it is less fancy, less ’boutique’, and doesn’t have nearly as nice facilities or activities, I find it pretty good. There is a guitar in the common room and no pretentious people.

I spent the day wondering around the city.

Had lunch with a couch surfer who has lived here for seven years but is ready to leave. Originally from the U.S. now heading to France or Japan.

Had a very nice smoked turkey lasagna and later a small custard in filo dough.

For dinner I had a strange sushi roll with chex cereal on top of it, Portuguese style, but it tasted incredibly good.

Shot a lot of pictures of the same things everyone else shoots pictures of and tried to find a few that no one else has…the best of them in this very short post before I go to bed.

(originally posted 6APR2009)

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