Queen Kapiolani Hotel


Well, I’ve completed my preliminary couch surfing in Hawaii and I figured I would spend the last three nights I am in Hawaii (for who knows how long) in the comfort of a hotel room. I picked the hotel next to the hostel I used to manage, The Polynesian Hostel.

Back in 2001-2002 when I managed the hostel, I used to look next Queen Kapiolani and wonder what it was like to stay at such a nice place. Now I know. It’s not as nice as the hostel, though the view from my water damaged room on the 16th floor is a lot nicer than the view from the hostel.

Still, in the hostel, I never allowed the paint to peel, one would think that a hotel would fix that, especially one that charges $150 + a night (I’m paying less than half that, Kamaaina Rate). And one would think that since the hostel has free wifi, that the hotel next door might do the same. No. It’s $10 a day at the hotel. And coffee? Well, the hostel has free coffee in the morning, but in the hotel, there is a little sign next to the in room coffee pot that says if I brew a tiny pot of coffee it will be a additional $2 charge! As if! I will of course be getting coffee from the hostel just as I am using the internet at the hostel…I’ve already paid for my room or I would be staying at the hostel as well… I understand why so many tourists that pay full price look like someone just stuck a cattle prod up their ass…

Having said that, look what the hotel says on the web:

Queen Kapiolani Hotel

Now look at the good ole Polynesian Hostel

Don’t worry though. I’m happy and having fun, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson about what it is like on the other side of the fence. Better view, but no free coffee!


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