Pros and Cons of Travel Credit Cards with Rewards

If you love frequent traveling, getting a travel card that comes with rewards comes in handy as you manage your local and international trips. Besides using these cards for cash backs, you can also enjoy numerous other benefits that come with them. However, it is also needful to note that they have their own shortcomings you need to know about. In the remaining sections of our post, we shall give you the benefits and limitations of airline, general, and hotel travel cards. Remain put to learn more.


Let us start our coverage on the positive side of things. In this section of our post, we shall look at the pros of best travel credit cards.

• Better Point Valuation and Redemption
The first benefit that believes it is needful to know about the best travel credit cards is the better point redemption and value they offer. Additionally, they accrue points and travel mileage faster than ordinary cards.

• Travel Benefits
With these cards at your disposal, you are bound to enjoy different perks such as priority checking and special travel help.

• No Foreign Transaction Fees
Unless you are a millionaire traveler, foreign transactions fees can inflate your travel budget unless you find a proper way of avoiding them. But with these cards at your disposal, you can make significant savings on such charges and channel those funds to other meaningful uses. On average, these cards will save you the extra 3 percent you could have paid in the form of transaction fees.

• Better Bonuses
Another benefit that accompanies travel reward cards is that they offer better bonuses than the ordinary ones.

• Flexible
If you value operating flexibly, so a travel reward card will offer you all that. For instance, some cards allow you to transfer points between different rewards forms, for example, merchandize and cashback.

This section of our post will show you the other side of the coin—the shortcomings of these cards.

• Fewer Points
The first limitation of these cards is that they do not earn as many points as your ordinary travel cards would have earned you. The cards only allow you to earn points when you transact to a certain amount, and not based on how long you have flown.
• Restrictions
When signing up for these cards, you should prepare for restrictions such as those ones imposed on how you earn mileage. Additionally, some of them will need too much planning to get services such as seat availability.

• High Annual Charges
Another con of these rewards cards, and airline cards in particular, is that they will cost you higher annual fees compared to ordinary travel cards.

Applying for a reward-based travel credit card has its many benefits and a few limitations as we have discussed. We hope you are now enlightened to know what you can expect from them as you prepare to sign up for one.

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