The Eagle Hunters of Mongolia – Photo Essay by Dave Stamboulis

Just in case you missed it yesterday, you should check out the incredible story about the Kazakh Eagle Hunters of the Mongolian Steppes which was published yesterday – the images are stunning by themselves, but when you combine the sensual imagery of the text, it is truly something special. Click on any of the images below to see the photos in a larger size.

The Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Central Mongolia

Photos by Dave Stamboulis

News Reporter

Dave Stamboulis (Facebook Page)  is a global nomad who spent seven years traveling 40,000 kilometers around the world by bicycle. His book Odysseus Last Stand chronicles that journey. Dave resides in Bangkok, Thailand, where he works for magazines, newspapers, and stock agencies as a freelance photojournalist.  His quest for stories and images in off the beaten track places has taken him to spots such as Borneo, Ethiopia, Bolivia, and other way out locations, often reached via bicycle, kayak, or on foot.  you can check out his work at and his most recent photography at his Flickr.