7 Places Not to Miss in The Philippines

Guest Story and Photos by Robert Kilipani

The Philippines contains exotic cultures in an enchanted land. Every year millions of tourists travel to the Philippines. Some for business others for pleasure, but one thing is for certain. They keep coming back, and here’s why.

Manila, PhilipinesThis “city” is located in the heart of Manilla. Built for the Spaniards,it has stood the test of time and contains some of the most unique churches, museums, and incredible ruins in the country. It is one of the most visited historical locations in the Philippines today.


Rizal Park
Rizal Park ManilaIf your the type of traveler that isn’t into vehicles and wants to explore, this place is for you. It is made for walking, literally! But watch out! Some folks claim this place is haunted. . . It was named after poet,writer and national hero Jose Rizal. Ironically this is same place is where he was executed. History, romance, and poetry where can you go wrong?


Bay Walk, ManilaThis is a lively place. Music and food fill the air with the sounds of heaven and aromas from an old but lively culture. You can’t have a bad time here. Food is abundant and extremely cheap, especially if you go to roadside vendors. Just make sure that you tell them to cook it ‘well done’.


Mount Pinatubo
volcano lake in Philippines PinutuboRenowned through the 1990’s for the havoc it created in the Philippines, Mount Pinatubo is well known, and well feared. Even though it’s currently inactive, scientists believe it will erupt sometime in the not too distant future. For now you can enjoy it on your Philippines holidays! Enjoy the guided walks with other visitors and maybe even take a dip in the crater lake (everyone does it).


Nayong Pilipino
filipino VillageThis spot is filled with famous buildings, history, and parks. This spot is a must see for any traveler Get ready to be bombarded with souvenirs merchants and ware vendors thought. They attempt to sell you anything, and I do mean anything! One guy tried to sell me his mother!

Philippines Disasters
One thing you want to make sure of before you go is that you have travel insurance for the Philippines. Accidents can happen and when you are talking about a nation that has more than 7000 islands, you need to be ready for your plans to change. Natural disasters such as eruptions and typhoon have caught the Philippines by surprise in the past, but with travel insurance, you can be sure that your holiday is covered – and so are you. I’m not suggesting you worry about a trip to the Philippines, I’m suggesting that you put your mind at ease before you go.

Camp John Hay
Camp John HayCamp John Hay is located in Baguio and is the country’s summer capital. Tourists from the USA get a touch of home when they visit this place. It originally served as an American military base, but was later given back to the Philippine government. This is basically a home away from home. Everything that you can get in the USA is here.


Mayon Volcano
ruins in Mayon volcano philippinesMayon Volcano isn’t like any other volcano in the Philippines. This volcano has destroyed an entire city and buried it among mountains of ash. It was later found by archeologists that dug it up for study and then later was turned into a tourist attraction. This is an absolute must-see for any tourist or traveler.

Robert Kilipani  travels to the Philippines several times each year with tour groups and on his own. He is married to a beautiful Filipina and they live in Hawaii with their son and daughter.

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