Panhandling in Paris

I should have gotten a picture but it didn’t work out. I was walking around today penniless and found a pretty nice suit coat and was already wearing my fedora. I reached in my pocket and found my harmonica and thought what the hell, maybe Paris will take care of me if I put my hat down and play some blues.

So I found a nice busy corner in Montmarte and started to play with my hat in front of me. An hour later I had 70 centimes. That’s about a dollar. But I also had a big smile on my face. There’s something really good for the soul about playing the harmonica.

But I guess the blues don’t cut it in gay old Paris.

I spent my hard earned cash on a postcard for Hanane. Wish I had enough to buy her something nicer, but c’est la vie.

I did end up in about a dozen tourist videos, about a hundred pictures, and made a lot of kids and old people smile, and that is certainly worth something…at least to the soul.

(Originally published 17 April 2009)


Vago Damitio

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