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Get paid to write about travel – Vagobond is Searching for Staff Writers

Get paid to write about travel – Vagobond is Searching for Staff Writers

[ad#Work From The Beach 300 x 250] As always, I am constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience at As a travel site and blog, I think diversity might be one way to improve the overall travel experience of Vagobond.

Have you ever wanted to get paid to travel and write about it? Sure you have. I know it was a dream of mine and I’ve worked extremely hard to create a site that aims to be the best independent travel writing site on the web.

With that in mind, I’ve finally reached the point where I want to expand Vagobond beyond a one man show. I’ve begun working with designers, SEO experts, and external advertisers in order to improve the site’s usability and functionality. One example of that is the brand new ability for you to vote on each post. At the bottom of each post on Vagobond you will find a star system that allows users to vote-the-post.

Another example is that as of right now, Vagobond is looking for a few great travelers to write about their adventures. While I can’t offer thousands of dollars for your writing, I am willing to pay for the right content.

How do you become a staff writer? The process is simple.

1) Just write your first post as a guest blog. Submit your travel story using the submit story button at the top of the page. Each guest post will can have an ‘about the traveler’ bio with a link to wherever you like (if you like).

2) Email me about your desire to be a paid Vagobond writer

3) If your guest blog is up to the standards I need at Vagobond, you will be invited to submit more stories. After the first guest blog, those invited to participate will be paid for their work. Those who are invited will be privy to the terms and compensation.

To get paid you will need to have a Paypal account and your work will need to be original and exclusive to That’s it. At the moment, you shouldn’t expect to be able to fund your travels by writing at Vagobond, but perhaps in the future, those who get an early start will find bigger rewards.

What kind of stories is Vagobond looking for?
Stories of independent travel. Exciting destinations. Independent travel tips. Odd stories about travel. Vagabond clothing and gear reviews. Travel horror stories. Travel philosophy. Literary travel. Cultural experiences. Travel inspirations. Expat life. Great festivals. Spiritual travel. Wonders of the world. And more.

So- get writing – get noticed – and get paid -at



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