Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 6- Return to Fes for the Sacred Music Festival

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A Nomad Traffic Jam

Back at the hotel I made arrangements for transport back to al-Rissani. I made it clear to everyone that we needed to be ready at 6 pm. Most of the day was spent in our respective rooms. Since it was Friday, our friends had prepared couscous for us. Hanane’s mom and Samira went to have a therapeutic treatment where they were buried in the sand. When they returned they both looked ready to die from heat stroke.

The truck I had ordered for transport arrived and we managed to have everyone on board 15 minutes later.

Samira had forgotten her babies slippers and sipper cup and demanded that we call Assou and have him drive 60 miles to bring them to her, Hanane refused and gave her the number. I called Assou and apologized to him and not to worry about it, he said no problem and then he actually brought her kid’s slippers.

At the midnight meal stop, Hanane, me, and her Mom shared with Sam-Omar while Sarah slept on the bus.

Arriving in Fes, there were some more congratulations.

Arriving home, Hanane and I kissed, smiled in each other’s eyes and went to sleep. Later in the day, Hanane and I went to Marjane, had lunch with our friends Alice and Ali, and then went to her first concert at the Fes Festival of Sacred Music. It was supposed to be Ben Harper, but instead turned out to be Malian musicians because Ben Harper had dislocated his shoulder skateboarding. The first act was Djelimady String Theory and the lead act was Amadou and Miriam. It was wonderful and fun.

It was a beautiful wedding, a wonderful experience, and something that both of us already are smiling about as we remember it. I feel so incredibly blessed to have found and married this wonderful woman. It has been an epic journey to arrive here, but now we are joined and greater adventures still await us.

And we will live, happily ever after. Inchallah.


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