Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 2 – Arrival

Our Sahara Nomad Wedding – Part 1
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On Tuesday, the Sefrouias came down from Sefrou and invaded our house for a few hours and then we met up with Zahira’s friend at the bus station at around 8:30 for our 9 PM bus. Zahira disappeared just about the time the bus started boarding and when I asked where they had gone, I was told they went to get chicken for the trip. Zahira is a great girl and while I like her, she drives me nuts by always being the last one on the bus and disappearing when it’s time to go.. Since I had her ticket, Hanane and I couldn’t board the bus. Everyone on the bus was forced to wait while I held the bus from leaving. Eventually, they came back and the rest of us got on the bus but since I hadn’t been there to explain that there were assigned seats on the nicer buses, everyone had just sat where they wanted to and this of course left me and Hanane sitting in seats that weren’t ours and sort of dreading that we would have to argue with whomever got on the bus at the next stop and held the tickets for our seats. Since the friend had joined us at the last minute, we had an uneven number of people and one seat was separate from the rest (because Taha is still just a baby and shares his mother’s seat). Of course, Zahira was going to sit next to her friend no matter what, so that added another bit of stress since our seats were all in the front and his assigned one was in the back. It made me wonder who she thought should have to sit by themselves? Probably me and Hanane.

There was some arguing over seats with the rightful owners at the next stop but we managed to work it all out and we arrived in al-Rissani at about 7 am. Slimane, the Berber, arrived and led us to the taxis.

In any event we got the the desert hotel of Assou’s family and we were welcomed with warmth and generosity. We sat in the shade of his mother’s yard drinking camel milk and eating dates.

The house we were staying in was a beautiful mud and straw brick house filled with Berber rugs, cushions, and the all the amenities we could desire.

We relaxed, had tea, and all went to our respective rooms to have a small rest after the 10 hour overnight bus ride and the oppressive heat of the desert. All of the rooms were nice, but we had the nicest, as we should have.

Sam-Omar and I took a small walk in the desert and ended up befriending a couple of Berber boys, looking at the fossils all boys carry and try to sell to tourists, and drinking water from a desert well. Then we played soccer for about 10 minutes against the boys. There was no score, but I would say the Moroccan kids defeated the American men.

In the afternoon, Slimane offered to take us to a souvenir shop in the village.

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  • June 10, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Damn, Chris! Your posts are making me not like your wife’s family, too! Nice work being decisive and taking care of business, though.

  • June 10, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    I like them, well…most of them, ha ha. I just don’t like the way they’ve treated her. So, I’ve done what I wrote I was going to do more than a year ago. I’ve stolen her from them. ;) Lucky me and now they are cursed to someday realize that they should have done more to appreciate her than they did. I’ve stolen myself from the lives of a lot of people that treated me different than I deserved too and they are left with the same curse. Or maybe they’re just happy to be rid of me. Either way, my life is better and already, so is Hanane’s.

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    Also, no offense to my old friends, but please…call me Vago. My wife, my mother, and my sister do…I’d really like it if all my old friends did too. Thanks.

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