No more Amtrak


The Amtrak portion of my trip is now complete. This was the appetizer. Now let’s move on to the main course.

I just booked my ticket to Spain. It was about twice what I wanted to pay but cheaper than any travel agents in New York were able to quote me. The thing is that most airlines want you to book at least a week in advance. Keep that in mind. I didn’t want to do that. Anyway, leaving the 17th sounds good as it gives me a little more time to explore New York City.

Here are my top ten things I learned on my cross country amtrak trip or amtrek!

1. On the two story trains there are ‘dressing rooms’ that can be used for sex.
2. Sacramento is a lot cooler than I thought it would be.
3. Utah is an incredible place and there are some very cool folks in Salt Lake City.
4. I have no desire to go anywhere between Denver and the East Coast with the exception of Austin, Texas and Detroit, Nashville, and New Orleans. I’ve still never been to those cities.
5. I love New York and Boston. People in these cities rock.
6. Philly and Chicago….not so much, but the people I met in them were pretty great.
7. It’s better not to hurry, a 14 day rail pass might be too short.
8. Too many museums in too short a time can’t be appreciated.
9. Libraries are havens of free wifi and peaceful places to work.
10. Making the wrong friend can suck out part of your enjoyment of life.

And one more since it is a top ten list:
Letterman is Lame.

I forgot to put this picture up of one of my favorite attractions in Newport, Rhode Island. Thanks Lena!
coming soon: Lena and Ken’s couch questions.


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