No Baba No Bobo – Vagobond Origin Story
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Here’s a short excerpt from one of my books. It’s really my origin story. If I were a superhero, this would be where it all began. For more check out


No Baba, No Bobo


Vagobond Origin StoryMy mom was working as a waitress and my dad was painting houses, playing music, and trying to raise my older brother and me. I was almost two and my brother was about seven. One evening Dad was watching us because Mom was working and he had no gig that evening. Mom and the baby sitter followed a similar routine in making me a bottle (ba-ba), ensuring that I had a pacifier (bo-bo), and then tucking me in my crib (night-night) before helping my brother with his homework. Dad threw all of that out the window and propped me on the couch watching TV while he helped my brother with his homework at the kitchen table.

It was at this point that I first heard the haunting melody of what might lie beyond. Obviously, I recognized that something lay outside better than what the talking heads on the magic box were babbling about. Dad’s first clue was a whoosh of cold winter air blowing my brothers papers from the table. He looked up and realized that I was gone as the screen door slammed in the wind. He ran outside and was terrified to see that I was running down the road next to two busy lanes of nighttime traffic. He sprinted after me and though I ran as fast as my tiny legs would carry me he caught me as I attempted to dart between fast moving cars.

He picked me up and shook me asking, “Chris, what are you doing?”

It was only then that I spoke my first sentence as I tried to explain it to him. “No ba-ba, no bo-bo, no night-night, bye-bye.” If I had been a bit more articulate I might have explained the call of the road like this “I’m pretty sure there’s a better life out there for me somewhere”.

I’m still pretty sure about that, although as I get older I start to think that maybe things are a little deeper than that. Possibly, it’s that I’ve got to see what’s out there so that I can appreciate what’s been here all along.

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