A Camera Whodunit. The Green Mohawk or the Old Man?

Brussels, BelgiumSince my old camera broke and I wasn’t able to fix it, I decided to use it as what I call ‘karma checkpoints’. I took out my memory card and batteries and put a note inside that said

:” Karma Checkpoint. congratulations. If you found this and intended to return it you have earned good karma, if you did not intend to return it…well…you can keep it anyway.”

Then on the back I put this website address.

Then I walked out of my friend Rafe’s apartment in Brussels this morning and set it on the ledge of a window. Then I walked around the corner. Not more than 2 minutes later I came around the corner again and the camera was gone. Ahead of me were only two likely suspects since there had been no one on the street prior to my placing the camera and there were only two men walking away from it. They were an older guy and a younger guy with a green mohawk.

It could have been someone else, but I think it likely it was the older guy who picked it up, of course no one knows but the blond woman on the second floor who watched the whole drama from the office of her insurance company.

Will the real person who took the camera fess up and comment here? There is no telling…only time will tell.

I love to do this sort of thing.


Vago Damitio

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