My 3 Best Kept World Travel Secrets

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I’ve decided to spill the beans on my three best kept travel secrets.

Some of you may have figured out tricks similar to these along your travels, but this is the first time I’m letting these three out of the bag.

1) Finding a great hotel without paying full price. Usually, you can find all the fancy hotels in one place. It’s usually a new and booming neighborhood. Go there. Now find a side street and walk one block over. This is probably the neighborhood that used to be ‘it’. If it’s not one block over one way, go one block over the other. It’s close. Find a place that looks clean but a little run down. Chances are that you will be able to get a wonderful room for half as much, don’t be afraid to bargain. These places need your business. Same thing goes for restaurants, but don’t expect them to bargain. I’ve used this in China, Morocco, and Ireland among other places.

2) Museums. Let’s face it, museums are often BORING and overpriced. Instead of paying to go into museums, find the nearest university and take a walk through their libraries, galleries, and ethnographic collections. FREE and you might even find a lecture. Also, if you are on a budget, the food at universities is usually dirt cheap. I’ve done this in Canada, Italy, Indonesia and plenty of other countries too.

3) Women’s  handbags. If, like me, you are a man who travels by himself a lot, you may want to have that extra seat next to you on the bus reserved. You can pay for it and then argue with the guy who wants to sit there anyway, or you can pull out a  woman’s purse and put it on the seat. I like to use the purse best since I can keep cords and cables in it and it actually helps keep my bag organized. Just tell the person that wants to sit there that you think a woman is already there. He’ll find another seat. Then you can take a nap. I’ve done this in Morocco, Germany, and Malaysia…and not to mention the USA.

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2 thoughts on “My 3 Best Kept World Travel Secrets

  1. The handbag suggestion is clever. But where do you stash the handbag when you’re not using it to reserve a seat?

    1) Getting a fake student card printed will save you money when paying admission fees at tourist attractions. Make sure that it has a recent photo of you and no expiry date so that you can use it indefinitely, or at least until you no longer look as young as you do in the photo.

    2) Churches in Western Europe, even those that charge admission fees, grant free entry to worshippers during service. It means sitting quietly for up to an hour but it’s an interesting travel experience to sit through a service conducted in a foreign language. Once the service is over, you are usually free to wander around. If you are a non-believer, don’t be intimidated: just stand and sit along with the other patrons and you’ll be fine. Don’t try this in Morocco.

    3) Public libraries usually offer free internet, either via wireless or computer stations.

    4) When in need of a bathroom break, look for the nearest McDonald’s.

  2. It goes in my shoulder bag, has all my chargers and wires etc in it. You could put your makeup in it though Bruce ;)

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