Vagobond Christmas Wish List from Turkey

A Vagobond Christmas? It’s that time of the year when the shopping malls are packed and the kids are starting to look excited…at least in countries that celebrate Christmas, but here in Turkey, everything is Attaturk as usual.

I haven’t seen any Santa’s, Reindeer, Elves, or icons of anyone other than the founding father of modern Turkey. Mustafa Kemal Attaturk. And trust me, no one better think about putting a Santa hat on him.

It’s a funny thing, I’ve noticed that in Morocco and Turkey both, it tends to look like Christmas much of the year because of the liberal use of lights that look a lot like civic Christmas decorations to me. In Manisa they have these red and green tulip lights that are on all the light poles and in the town square there is a huge thing that is really just a big lit pole but at night all lit up, it sure looks like a Christmas tree.

As to the celebrations themselves and what Turks do for Christmas…not much. They call it Noel and some refer to it as the Christian holiday. Turks aren’t an overly religious bunch in general, Ramadan and Eid get much less notice than they do in a country like Morocco, so you can imagine what Christmas gets. Not even a day off.

Still, for those of you who are wondering what kind of gifts to get for that Vagobond or round the world traveler in your life, I’ve composed a list of gifts you might consider. If you are buying something for me, this is a great guide and I’m fairly certain that any of these great travel items will also be a hit with the traveler in your life whether they are a nomad, business class, backpacking hippie, or even someone that likes to take a trip once in a while between bouts of heavy duty office work.

An Around the World Flight – Talk about a great gift. This is it.

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