More rain in the Basque Country – San Sebastion and Biarritz

More rain in the Basque Country – San Sebastion and Biarritz

Even though it was raining when I went through these places and so I didn’t stay…I liked the feel of them.

These were perhaps the most magical areas I’ve been through in Europe so far.

Very different places in different countries with different cultures, but unified by being Basque. Here is a complete list of hotels in San Sebastion, Spain with user reviews and multi-stie price comparison.

The Numbers inThe Vago Equation. Here’s an odd travel story for you. I almost missed the train from Porto to San Sebastion and jumped on at the last minute. I grabbed an open seat in a very big and very empty train. After a bit, the train began to fill at other stops and I figured I should find my seat. More than 21 big cars with 100 seats per car. Guess what? The empty seat I sat in was my exact assigned seat…fucking crazy…do the math there… thats a 1 in 2100 chance…

If the weather had been nice, I would have been tempted to spend a lot of time there, as it is, I think I will spend time there in the future.

Most of these are from San Sebastion in Spain, I actually preferred it to Biarritz.

I actually would have stayed in Biarritz but the rain made me not too happy searching for a place to stay. I found a youth hostel but it was full and I didn’t feel like looking more, so I got on the train and went to Bordeaux

It was an incredibly beautiful little place and I think the outdoor opportunities in both places deserve to be explored sometime in the future.