Mexico: The Land of Guaranteed Adventure

Mexico is an epic place to get lost and also find yourself. Here are six reasons why you should book your Mexico holidays and visit one of the most gorgeous and striking countries in the world.

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Take a colossal road trip

It’s easy to get a measure of Mexico as being a nation of untouched beaches, ice-cold Coronas with lime, and chihuahuas everywhere yapping and napping. There’s plenty of that, but there’s also a whole lot of stunning natural features. A road trip is the perfect way to see this beauty. The vast interior of the country is full of jagged mountains and the capital Mexico City sits on a perch 2.2 kilometres above sea level – travelling under the surface of these dramatic mountains, you can explore meandering caves, impressive waterfalls between the canyons and turbulent rivers. For this kind of raw beauty check out Copper Canyon in Chihuahua State.

Become a Mexican cuisine maestro

Whether you want to spend $1 or $300, great grub is always guaranteed in Mexico. This is the world famous epicentre of amazing food after all! Consider a cooking school in Mesones Sacristia Hotel in Puebla. Here, you can get to grips with tacos, burritos and other types of traditionally Mexican dishes.

Learn how to handle Tequila

In Mexico they don’t use and abuse Tequila like the rest of the world. Instead they sip it and appreciate its nuances and subtlety much like people appreciate whisky in Scotland. Head to the foodie capital of Mexico, Oaxaca. This is where a bunch of dedicated artisan tequila producers are quietly initiating a tequila revolution. If tequila’s not your thing,some certified geniuses in Mexico have also invented a pretty tempting cocktail called
the Queretaro, a concoction of cheap red wine and lemon sorbet. Heaven.

See the original cowboys in action

Rodeo was invented in Mexico. Although it was made famous by Hollywood and made legends out of actors in the middle of the last century, in its purest original form, it’s a Mexican pursuit. Head to the Lagos de Moreno area of alisco for the best horsemanship in the land. The charros (Mexican cowboys) love to entertain the crowds and adore their horses like their own children.

Gorgeous and elusive animals

A menagerie of raucous and colourful animals call Mexico home. The place to see a flapping fury of parrots in action is Sima de las Cotorras, or in English an ‘Abyss of Parrots’. Located in Chiapas state, a sinkhole of 160m is home to hundreds of vibrant and loud parrots. If you prefer a terrifying shrieking sound, go and see the howler
monkeys. They live in a jungle haven at the Centro Ecoturistico Las Guacamayas.

Freida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Mexico was the birthplace of two great 20th Rivera, who were linked romantically, although tragically. As individuals they produced some vivid and haunting works that are available for view in the art museums of Mexico
City. These days, San Miguel de Allende is home to current artisans who produce Mexican handicrafts, street art and plenty of interesting sculptures.

There’s never been a better time to book Mexico holidays and embark upon the adventure of a lifetime in wonderful Mexico.

Copper Canyon image by bdearth used under creative commons licence


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