Love on the Road – A Lonely Planet Blogsherpa Carnival

One of the great things about being associated with Lonely Planet is that I get to belong to a vibrant community of travelers, bloggers, and writers. Periodically, we get together and share our thoughts on a particular topic, idea, or place.

The results are often fantastic. We are a bunch of people who love travel so you can find out the latest flight deals or hidden boutique hotels along with great adventures and exotic destinations.

We will soon be releasing our first collaborative book under the Lonely Planet Blogsherpa brand and we have been working together on many other things as well. You may remember that I hosted a blog carnival about Culture Shock a few months back.

This week, Sash at Barefoot Inked hosted a blog carnival called ‘Love on the Road.’

I was one of the participants and you can guess who I was talking about (;)). The other participants were diverse and wrote about experiences on four continents among people with some very different ideas of what love is all about.

lonely planet blogsherpa

So, if the idea of Love on the Road gets your heart pounding, have a look.

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