Lordy Lordy Vagos 40!

Man oh man. Hard to believe that I’m hitting 40 today. To tell the truth though, it doesn’t seem to matter very much. Age is just a random way of keeping track of things.

I'm the little redneck with the confederate hat....what were my parents thinking? (I've often asked myself that question)
So far, it’s been a pretty good run. While I didn’t quite hit the mark of 40 countries by my 40th – I did reach 37 of them! Not bad.

I’ve got a loving wife and a beautiful daughter so by 40, I became a family man. I even managed to get my daughter US citizenship and a passport.

I’ve written and written and written – so far without much in the way of commercial success – but a writer is a writer because they write – it’s not really a choice. It’s what we do.

If you’d like to help me perhaps find a bit of commercial success, here’s an easy way to give me a nice birthday present – go to
and vote for my novel – Douchebags, Fags and Hags so that I can win professional editing and the possibility of a publishing deal for it. It’s round two now and I’m sitting in the top 5 but I’d really like to make sure I go to round 3 – and win it. Voting for round 2 ends January 2nd. To vote, just go to the link, scroll down the page past the entries and you’ll see the voting form.

Also, I’d love to hear your feedback on what is posted so far (the first 5 pages) after you read it. It’s a travel spoof adventure and I’ve created an entirely new country and culture in the novel – I’m proud of it.

Back to my 40 years of reflection. I managed to graduate from the University of Hawaii while in my 30’s with an Honors degree and a laundry list of awards and titles – that was pretty cool. In my twenties I was a US Marine, Air Traffic Controller. Thank God that’s over. I’ve been a stock broker, a house painter, a DJ, a chauffeur, a bartender, a waiter, a hotel manager, a bellboy, and worked in film – hell, I’ve even seen my name roll on the credits of a few big Hollywood films.

Most recently, in this past year, I managed to support my family, pay for my daughters birth, take care of all of our needs (house, medical, dental, utilities etc) and do some pretty cool travel (Paris, Spain, Italy, sailing in Greece, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and here in Morocco) all with my own two fists. No boss, no job – just taking care of us with what I do. I’m proud as hell of that.

So, in a word – I feel pretty good about my accomplishments.

What do I want next? Well…let me think about it. Off the cuff –
– Get my wife a US Residency Visa
– Buy a house and property – somewhere
– Actually find some commercial success as a writer (see above to help with that :))
– I’d like to visit Egypt, Japan, India and the countries of South and Central America.
– and be able to get the Porche before my midlife crisis hits…

Thanks for all your birthday wishes! Lordy Lordy, I’m 40.

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