The London Pass – I Recommend It

I withhold my endorsements of products and services to those few things, places, or services that really exceed expectations, value, and usefulness. The London Pass is one of those products. I highly recommend the London Pass. I was in London in November with a two day London Pass and it was worth every penny.

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Westminster AbbeyI had a two-day London Pass.  I was in London for the World Travel Market and didn’t have as much time to sight see as I wanted but still I was able to get plenty of value from it. The cost of the 2-day pass was £61 (about $100).  The combined ticket prices of the things I did with my pass come to more than £160. For a family or a dedicated sight-seeing trip, a London Pass will save you hundreds more. I wouldn’t endorse this if I hadn’t of used it and saved a bundle through it. – I almost forgot to mention it also gets you free transport on London’s public transportation!

Before I tell you what I did with the London Pass (see below), here’s a small disclaimer – the links in this article are affiliate links which means if you buy a London Pass on my recommendation, I’ll get a couple of dollars from it. The money comes from the providers end, not yours, so it doesn’t change the cost to you. If you prefer to buy the London Pass while you are in London or without my affiliate links, I still recommend it. You’ll thank me for pointing it out for you. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…here was my experience with The London Pass.

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To start they gave me a map, an in depth guide book, and a London Golden Jubilee Pin. All of that was worth at least £10. Here are a few of the things I did:

Watched the New James Bond Movie Skyfall (here’s my review) at the Curzon Chelsea Theatre (You can also watch films at three other London Cinemas)
Savings:  £10.50 (free entry)

Took the London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs
Savings: £17.30 (free entry)

Tower BridgeToured the HMS Belfast
Savings £12.70 (free entry)

Globe Theatre LondonHad a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Savings £12.70 (free entry)

Visited the London Wetland Center
Savings £9.99 (free entry)

There was a school group at the Ben Franklin Experience so I couldn’t get in.Make a reservation for this one. It will save you £7.00 (free entry)

I visited the Royal Mews and Stables.
Savings £8.25 (free entry)

London's Royal MewsThe Tower of London
Savings of £19.00 (free entry)

St Pauls Cathedral
Savings of £15.00 (free entry)

Westminster Abbey
Savings of £16.00 (free entry)

Thames View of St. PaulsJason’s Original Canal Boat Tour
Savings of £9.00 (free entry)

Thames River Cruise by City Cruises
Saved me £13.50 (free entry)

Plus I got a free pastry with my coffee when I visited Foyles Book Shop and a free cafe latte at Crush which saved me about £8.00 combined.

There are countless other places I didn’t visit you can use a London Pass. Chelsea Physic Gardens, The London Zoo, Kew Gardens, The Winston Churchill Experience, Wellington Arch, The Monument, Royal Albert Hall,  Kensington Palace and the Orangery, the Cartoon Museum, Tate Modern, The Jewish Museum, London Transport Museum, T, National Portrait Gallery, Chelsea Football Stadium, London Bicycle Tour Company, Rock and Roll Walk, Wimbledon, Queens Ice and Bowl, City Secrets Walks, Walk in Backrub, discounts on Theatre tickets, French Brothers River cruises, plus discounts on top restaurants, more great tours, and a whole lot of other places I didn’t mention.

If you are going to London, buy a London Pass.  Save 5% off Orders of London Pass Tickets here. You’ll thank me later.

By the way…I’ve also used Paris Pass and it is every bit as valuable. These are the way to go.

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