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Travel is about the places in between. It’s not about the start or the finish. Life is like that too. Both are liminal. Liminal Travel delves into each and how they are one and the same.

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Liminal Travel picks up where Rough Living left off but Smooth Living hasn’t yet begun.

Liminal Travel

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Travel for free(dom). Travel in itself is a freedom from the things that constrain us in life. At least it should be. While it might not be possible for most people to travel without any money at all, Liminal Travel outlines some of the ways that those who do travel can get more out of it for less money.

While not  a budget travel guide, Liminal Travel is a guide to seeing travel in a different light. With chapters that focus on understanding money on the road, finding the right accommodation, rewarding things to do (for free), and alternative means of getting from here to there, Liminal Travel is more like a guide to fulfilling your desires – with travel.

Liminal Travel is intensly personal and in it I share some of my personal experiences along with advice that is useful for everyone who wants to find more in thier journeys.

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