Lapland – Home of Reindeer, Sami People, and Santa

No matter where you live, you don’t hear someone say “I’m taking a trip to Lapland” very often. Lapland is a region that stretches through Russia, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It’s not a country, though it is a definite cultural region that spans national boundaries. Only in Finland and Sweden is the area referred to as Lapland – elsewhere it carries different names. If you are thinking of a holiday in Lapland, there are plenty of options.

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Lapland is a wild, mountainous country with raging rivers, rolling mountains, and vast stretches of plain that extend well past the Arctic Circle. The climate is cold and while there are forests, other vegetation tends to be sparse. This could be the reason that not many people plan a trip to Lapland – but they should. This is the land of the midnight sun and the polar night and the displays of the Northern Lights here are unparallelled.  Huge herds of reindeer are followed by wolves and bears and birds, fish, and insects are plentiful.

Also in Lapland, are the ethnic Sami people. Cities are sparsely populated, but there are places to go and things to see.  You may want to check out our article 7 Myths About Lapland.

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Kilpisjarvi is a village that is unique in the world. This is the nearest town to the place where the borders of Finland, Sweden, and Russia meet – the famed ‘Three Borders Point”. There are ample opportunities for hiking and outdoor sports in Kilpisjarvi.

Inari is where to go if you want to explore the Sami culture.This is where you find the Inari Sami Museum and Inari Lake which has more than 3300 islands in it! It’s a paradise for those who want to fish and find solitude under the midnight sun.

Of course, I haven’t mentioned the most popular reasons people take a holiday to Lapland – it’s the home of Santa Claus! Christmas is a special time in Lapland with elves, reindeer, and Santa a plenty. You can meet with Santa, take a sleigh ride, and even ride a dog sled. And if you head to Levi Fell, you will find yourself in a winter sports wonderland.

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So there you have it, perhaps in the future it will be you who says you are taking a trip to Lapland.

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