Some Photos of Korean Folk Life

While I wish that I had been able to take more time to delve into the traditional and folk life while I was in South Korea, these photos show a bit of what I was able to experience. From the National Folk Museum in Seoul to the nearby Korean Folk village in nearby Yongin – the cultural heritage of the Korean people is rich. Some of these photos are from other areas of my travels including the Tteok and Kitchen Utensil Museum located in the Institute for Korean Food in Seoul which was just odd enough to entice me inside. Here you can experience the 500-year-of the Korea’s rice cake, tteok history and try different versions of tteok. On the first floor, there’s a tteok cafe, where you can have some pieces of rice cake and drink some traditional Korean teas. In addition there are approximately 2000 old Korean cooking utensils…maybe I should have taken more pictures but to be honest, I wasn’t terribly excited by it though the fat diorama dolls were photo worthy.


Vago Damitio

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