Kuala Lumpur Budget Hotels and Hostels

In terms of hostels in Kuala Lumpur, my choice is Forever Young Guest House.

One of my strange hobbies is walking around cities I visit and finding out how much the hotels and hostels are. I suppose it comes from two things 1) wanting to find the best prices and deals for my next trip and 2) being a travel writer.

KL ChinatownSeriously, I have a book full of hotel cards from hotels I’ve never stayed at, just walked in, looked at the rooms, talked about the rates, and been on my way. Here are a few of the hotels I did some sight seeing in – in Kuala Lumpur. And of course, the ones where I stayed too. My walking will hopefully be of benefit to you Kuala Lumpur holidays.

Here is a full list of budget hotels and hostels and a full list of Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

KL towers in Malaysia PetronasThe Cintamani Travelers Lodge has rooms starting from 65 RM (if you bargain). It’s located at No 37 Jalan Hang Lekiu which is right between Chinatown and Little India. The area around it seemed loud and frankly, I probably wouldn’t stay there unless I had no other choice.The main reason for this was because there was a strange smell throughout the building that I just didn’t care for. Great location and looks nice, but oooohhh that smell.

The Lotus Hotel in little India (No 41 , 43 & 45 Jalan Melayu – near the tram stop) was my place of choice. When I went it was 100 RM per night with a great view, new bathrooms, hot showers, cold A/C, a wonderful mattress, clean new linens, and a friendly Indian staff. The manager, Mohan and I went out to do some shopping, had lunch at the Lotus Family Restaurant, and visited their other property at No 1, Jalan Medan Tunku, Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. One small problem was that when I took off all my clothes and laid down naked under the cool A/C on the bed, I hadn’t latched the door and the housekeeper came in…needless to say, we were all embarrassed by this…but the next time I went to visit, they certainly all remembered me and greeted me with smiles. Just around the corner you can pay more for less at the Citi Hotel Masjid Jamek, but trust me, just go with Orchid and tell Mohan that Vago sent you.

Orchid Hotels in MalaysiaAlamanda Hotel Petaling Street in Chinatown llooked like a winner to me. Sitting in a great location on Petaling Street, this little hotel had clean rooms, a nice staff, and the manager Ram was open to negotiating. Rooms started at around 35 RM but this was with no windows which creeps me out. Probably you are looking at 80 RM for a decent room here.

Kuala Lumpur MosqueThere are more choices than you can imagine in Kuala Lumpur but as always excercise some caution before you settle in. Travel insurance is never a bad idea. Check that everything works, look for bedbugs on the mattress, and for god sakes, bolt the door before you get your clothes off.

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