Kalalau- Na Pali Coast and a few other Enjoyable Moments

While this is not an all inclusive list, it does highlight some of the incredible life I lead…Just in case Homeland Security or anyone else is curious…

In June I wrote my first science fiction novel. It’s called The Sob and I’ve submitted it for publication. Right around 105,000 words (340 pages or so).

In July Mink and I visited Kauai where we did some incredible hikes. We did the Alakai Swamp, Awa-Awa Puhi, and a scenic Hanelei Hike I can’t remember the name of.

Next it was a trip to Vegas where we cruised the strip and then visited the Grand Canyon West.

And finally, last week, my friend Conrad and I hiked the torturous and totally worth it Kalalau Trail, 11.5 miles each way with 5000+ feet of total elevation gain. It was awesome. This was the fourth time I’ve been back there by the trail and it gets better every time. If there is a perfect spot in the world for learning about yourself, Kalalau is it. There are people who go to Kalalau by boat or kayak and while I think they experience the place, there is no way to experience it completely besides doing the 23+ miles by foot and looking death in the face at the bottom of sketchy trails. True heaven though lies 2 miles further up the Kalalau Valley where verdant waters, delicious fruit, and nature perfected sing through the waterfalls and brook trills. Yes, heaven.

And now…it is August. Life continues. We are deep in the dog days of Summer now. As I like to remind everyone each year, that means that we are at our closest point to the Dog Star, Sirius. Officially, strange things can and will happen between now and September 21.

Already the oddness has begun.


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