Where I’ve Been…hostels, hotels, and couches.

Travel around the world and you are sure to want to write about it. One thing you will discover is that finding the time to write about your travels isn’t always easy. Far too often you have to put things off until you have some down time and if you are doing things right, you won’t have much of that!

ATAKA party BulgariaAs a good example of that, at the moment I have fallen literally months behind in documenting my travels around the world. I left off in Bulgaria where I still have tons of things I want to tell you guys about. Just to update you on what is to come, I left Bulgaria and took a trip to Belgrade, Serbia where I saw amazing animals and learned quite a lot about the Serbian people. From there I went to Nis where I visited a concentration camp and the famous tower of skulls (by the power of Greyskull).

Belgrade zooFrom Nis I jumped to the tiny and rugged country of Macedonia where a hotel in the capital of Skopje will cost you more than a hotel in Honolulu and the crazy statues will surprise you. I opted to make a surprise visit to my wife in Morocco for Valentines and covered three continents, four countries, and five cities in 24 hours to arrive in Sefrou with flowers and on time.

Leaving Morocco I flew to Rome thanks to a cheap Ryanair flight and on the plane made friends with a traveler from Argentina. Since I had one day in Rome, we did a whirlwind tour of the major sites of the world’s most famous city before I caught a second flight back to my beloved Istanbul, but not before I was eaten alive by Roman bedbugs!

Roman ColliseumBack in Istanbul, I somehow managed to find an apartment and job without looking for them and so when I caught a flight a few days later to Malaysia, I had a home and work to return to, which was fairly unexpected but a pleasant surprise.

Kuala Lumpur TowersFrom the cold of Istanbul in winter to the muggy heat of Kuala Lumpur took my immune system by total surprise and after just a couple of days of wandering around and meeting plenty of interesting people (and a dirty monkey!) I found myself severely dehydrated and coming down with a case of the flu.

Feeling prettyy ill, I caught a flight to Seoul, Korea and since then I’ve been wandering around this country of temples, mountains, and penis parks and staying in a variety of Love Motels from Sokcho to Busan. Seoul PalaceFrankly, it’s the smell of the lotion that lingers in the room that makes them terrible but the price is cheap enough.

And still, I’m moving on and not done yet and all the time I seem to be able to find to catch up is enough to write this, but rest assured…there is plenty more coming! Stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been…hostels, hotels, and couches.

  1. Traveling and writing can become a difficult task especially if you are having a great time. I found keeping a journal really helps. Love the post and the photos.

  2. what a waste of my internet bandwith to read your blog posts. ignorant idiots of your kind should be banned to travel to Europe.

  3. I agree with you Billy. I should be banned from everywhere, but at least I know how to use capital letters. By the way…I don’t think you are the real Billy, his site looks like he knows how to use capitals pretty well.

  4. no, vago, the problem isn’t in capital letters. who the hell cares about that anyway.

    i read couple of your posts from serbia, and all i can tell is how i admire your perception of places where you went. absolute triumph of total ignorance and man’s stupidity, if you ask me. go and figure out why.

  5. Billy, I just write about my own perceptions and experiences man. I’m wide open to be corrected and in fact, I hope for it. Change my mind man, show me where I missed the boat. Don’t tell me to guess, we’re all our own worst editors. And by the way, capital letters matter a lot in communication…clue me in dude.

    I don’t pull my punches, why are you pulling yours?

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