Old city in Istanbul
You might find parking in Istanbul in front of this old house…

Istanbul is a fabulous city for families and adventurers alike. The city is filled with ancient history, fantastic museums, and on top of that, there are plenty of things for the little ones to do to. The Istanbul Aquarium is a family favorite that offers great educational value, fun displays and exhibits, and lots and lots of fish! The Koch Museum is a hands on museum that has everything from a real life submarine to a collection of baby carriages, and of course there are also amusement parks, plenty of playgrounds, and lots to see and do.

The kids who are a bit older can enjoy the history of the city. Everything from the remains of the Roman Empire to the staff of Moses, which is housed in the religious artifacts section of the museum at Topkapi Palace. Does it really turn to a snake when it is thrown down? Only the curators know for sure! As far as parking goes, the old city can be hard on those with a car but if you use a parking service, you will be able to find a space for a reasonable price. Otherwise, just ask the guys in the yellow vests you find around the city. They will help for a few Turkish Lira

The dondurma (ice cream) that you find outside the palace and in various places around Sultanahmet though – you can be sure that the kids are going to love that and they’ll love the tricksters who serve it too as the play slight of hand gags and juggle your cones around with good humor and lots of fun.

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