Howth,Ireland:  Seals, Kelpies, a bowl of Chowder, and a 2500 year old Princess

Octopussy's Howth
I woke up to rainy cold weather and thought to myself, so much for cheap holiday deals. In fact, Howth, Ireland is a place where the weather really doesn’t impact your ability to enjoy your holiday. Maybe it’s because the weather is so often not beautiful that the Irish have managed to create a land that isn’t dependent on sunshine and warmth to have a nice time. When it rains in Hawaii, it’s a bummer, but in Ireland, it’s just what makes the land so green. It’s very green in Howth, Ireland.
Howth fishermen
I wanted to do something different and I’ve discovered that I have a hard time making new friends in hostels these days, just a different mentality really. I’m tired of moving about, I’m not trying to hook up with the hotties there, and all in all, I have a very different way of enjoying myself than most of the folks I meet in hostels.
Howth flowers
Here is an example. I actually did hang out for a while, start a few conversations, and listen to the days plans of a few people. None of them really appealed to me. Visit the brewery, visit the distillery, go to the Museum, walk around town, shop. I’d either done these things or had no interest. Okay, strike that, I did actually have an interest in finding a decent cheap camera. So I hit the mall on the green and found a nice Fuji for 65 Euro which with the crappy exchange still adds up to about $100, but not a bad deal.
seals Howth
Once I had that, I caught the DART train to Howth at the end of the line. I wanted to see the Irish coast and so I thought Howth sounded good. It’s a tourist place, but with the weather I figured I would give it a shot. Glad I did.
Howth, Ireland
Once I reached Howth I found working fishing boats, guys cleaning their nets,
Howth nets
seals begging for scraps, and only a handful of tourists.
Chowder Howth
I stopped in a dockside market and had an excellent bowl of chowder for 4 Euro and then took a long walk through the woods,
Howth forest
passing along the way Howth Castle
Howth Castle
an ancient burial site of a 2500 year old princess (the site not the princess),
Howth forest Aireen Burial site
and ate berries on a very pleasant walk through lightly misted woods.In the solitude of the woods, I found a bit of the peace of mind I’ve been missing lately and since the castle is a private residance, I didn’t feel a need to visit another creepy old stone place, not that I’m oppossed to that.
Howth Castle
The woods were just fine. I caught the DART back to Dublin, crawled into my bed, and slept like a baby. One odd side note, the dorm they put me in was 10 women and me. This sort of thing never happened when I was single…I didn’t really make an attempt to get to know these women though I did meet most of them. Young travelers from Slovenia, Germany, Russia, England, Australia,and the United States. I don’t know if I accidentally got put in the women’s dorm or if it was mixed and that was simply the mix, but in any event, it was an oddity, that’s for sure.

(Originally published 03 October 2009)

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