Introducing the Vagobaby – Aya Sophia Damitio


Okay….she’s 50 days old now and I realize I should have posted a little something here at Vagobond, but since I’ve closed down comments – it seems like I spend a lot more time over at Google+ which incidentally is open to everyone now since it went public beta yesterday (that means everyone can use it but they are still making improvements on it).

But, Google+ aside – this post is actually about introducing you to my daughter. When we got married in the Sahara during our Berber Nomad Wedding, my wife and I talked about having a family someday. We both agreed that one child would be enough. After that when we were living in Turkey, we were very excited to find out that our one child was coming.

aya sophia damitioMade in Turkey by a Moroccan and American partnership – so in discussing names we decided that we liked the name Sophia since it means Wisdom in Greek/Ottomanese and would be acceptable to the Moroccan authorities since it is one of the approved Moroccan Muslim names. Moroccans don’t typically do a middle or second name, but since Americans do, we decided to take another Moroccan approved name Aya which by the way means bird in Hebrew and soft silk in Japanese but Saint in Greek/Ottomanese and in Arabic Aya is a verse in the Quran or an example from God. The fact that the name Aya Sophia is the name of one of the wonders of the world that was the largest church for 1000 years and then converted to a mosque and then converted to a non-secular monument and that our favorite hotel in Istanbul is called the Ayasofya – well, all of that played into it to.

Unfortunately, the Moroccan authorities told us we could only have one name and Aya-Sophia was not allowed since it was the name of a Christian church so we went with Sophia Damitio. No middle name. However, it is appropriate since my given name isn’t Vago but nearly everyone calls me that and so, like me (Vago Chris), Aya Sophia has a legal name and a personal name. Our little silk bird of wisdom.

vagobabyWe had quite a big scare at about 1 month when the public hospital told us she suffered from hip-dysplacia but after a round of pediatricians and experts we learned that she is fine. We are grateful. We think she’s pretty cute but ultimately it’s my hope that she lives up to her name and becomes a creature of great wisdom. I hope she is intelligent and if she is beautiful, I hope she can be humble.

I had Arab and Turkish friends who asked if I was disappointed in having a daughter instead of a son – the answer- quite the opposite. I look around at all the young guys, teenage guys, and others and I can’t help but notice that most of them are complete fuckers. I know that I was (and probably am still) but with a daughter, I feel that we have a chance to share what we’ve learned in this life.

vagobabyHard to believe that my little girl is technically African-American and definitely Arab-American. Her little green eyes and rosy cheeks make her look like a little French lass. Along with her mom’s Arab blood she has my Scottish/Irish/French and smidge or dab of Cherokee, so she is a daughter of three continents and four continents if you count the conception in Turkish Asia.

Hard to believe that somehow I’m managing to support and grow a little family when I’m still the same guy with no job or particular source of income that left Hawaii back in 2008. And yet, with no insurance and no help – we have a nice place to live, get the medical care we need, eat great food, and even manage to travel and enjoy the world a bit. I’m grateful it’s all working.

And what does all that make her? Well, it makes her our little girl. The one and only Vagobaby.

As always to comment come on over and join me at g-plus and if you want to send a baby gift, the best way to do it is here since the Moroccan post ends up being prohibitively expensive. Thanks for all your warm thoughts and wishes.

~Vago, Hanane, and Sophia


Vago Damitio

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