In # 1 of this series, I presented the questions.
# 2 profiled Kay and Todd from Japan and the USA
# 3 profiles Vibek and Spencer from Norway and Gibralter
#4 profiles Lobot and Mrs. Lobot from the USA and France

#5 profiles Anna and Dr. Trouble from Poland and Japan
#6 profiles Denise and her guy from Malta and Hungary
#7 Profiles Joe and his wife from Canada and Turkey

#8 profiles Lewis and Lady X from Australia/Greece and Bulgaria

Love sex and backpacking on the cheap

1) Your names

Lewis and Lady X

2) Your blog

3) Your nationality


4) Spouses nationality


5) Where do you live now? Do you live with your spouse?


6) How did you meet?

A nightclub on the black sea coast in Bulgaria.

7) How is the relationship with your in-laws?

Very good, they love me ;)

8) What about your spouses with your family?


9) What was your biggest cultural misunderstanding?

Actually I find out cultures are very similar. She speaks fluent English and she understands the anglo-centric Australian culture quite well. She also relates to the Greek part in me as we share some similar customs due to sharing the same religion.

10) Can you tell a funny story about a cultural mishap?

Yes, but it’s too private for a blog unfortunately!!

11) Have you traveled with your spouse?

Yes, all over Bulgaria, Greece, UK.

12) If so, has it been challenging? Why?

Traveling with anyone can be challenging because the direction of the trip is always up for debate.

13) Do you have children? If so, what is that like, internationally

No. When we are older maybe.

14) What is the best and the worst thing about international relationships?

I can only answer for our relationship, and that is to say that it is an amazing experience because you realize that no matter what the cultural differences are, in the end, the central and most important part is the capacity to connect to each other through the heart. When you are both open to exploring that deeper and deeper, the relationship becomes stronger and deepens. The only way to do that, I found, is through open communication and the capacity for presence, when issues come up.

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