International Marriage Series #5- Poland and Japan

In # 1 of this series, I presented the questions.
# 2 profiled Kay and Todd from Japan and the USA
# 3 profiles Vibek and Spencer from Norway and Gibralter
#4 profiles Logan and from the USA and France
#5 profiles Anna and Dr. Trouble from Poland and Japan

1) Your names
Anna and Dr. Trouble
2) Your blog
3) Your nationality
4) Spouses nationality
5) Where do you live now? Do you live with your spouse?
Japan. Yes.
6) Amount of time married
time married – 1.5 years, time living together – 9.5 years
7) How did you meet?
at a bookstore
8) What was the biggest impediment to getting married?
getting my Polish nationality restored
9) Where did you get married?
Antigua and Barbuda
10) What was your marriage ceremony like?
a casual 5 minute thing on the beach
11) How is the relationship with your in-laws?
12) What about your spouses with your family?

they never met
13) What was your biggest cultural misunderstanding?
there haven’t been any
14) Can you tell a funny story about a cultural mishap?

there haven’t been any
15) Have you traveled with your spouse?
16) If so, has it been challenging? Why?
no, it hasn’t been challenging
17) If not, why not?
why would it be? You get on a plane, train, bus and you go.
18) Do you have children? If so, what is that like, internationally

No children
19) If you don’t have children, why not? Do you plan to?
We dislike kids. No plans.
20) What is the best and the worst thing about international marriage?
It’s like any other marriage. Apart from maybe an exotic (or not) place to live, there’s no difference.

Maybe my answers are not as exciting as you were hoping for, but that’s how it is for us.

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