In # 1 of this series, I presented the questions.
# 2 profiled Kay and Todd from Japan and the USA
# 3 profiles Vibek and Spencer from Norway and Gibralter
#4 profiles Lobot and Mrs. Lobot and from the USA and France

1) Your names
Lobot and Mrs. Lobot
2) Your blog
3) Your nationality
4) Spouses nationality
5) Where do you live now? Do you live with your spouse?
Cannes France, Yes.
6) Amount of time married
1 year
7) How did you meet?
at a cafe…long story
8) What was the biggest impediment to getting married?
Families and visas
9) Where did you get married?
On an island in the USA
10) What was your marriage ceremony like?
I was barefoot
11) How is the relationship with your in-laws?
Very good.
12) What about your spouses with your family?

Very Good
13) What was your biggest cultural misunderstanding?
That during christmas, you will eat foie gras, on everything imaginable for 7 straight days. Oh yeah, and apparently if you carry a pocket knife here, people put it into the same category as carrying an ak47. They seriously freak out, and when I say pocket knife I’m talkin like swiss army pocket knife. I still don’t get that.
14) Can you tell a funny story about a cultural mishap?
uhmmm, well I don’t really have one to be honest, our cultures are so similar.
15) Have you traveled with your spouse?
16) If so, has it been challenging? Why?
No, not really.
17) If not, why not?
When we travel its normally somewhere in europe or in the U.S. or Canada so its quite easy.
18) Do you have children? If so, what is that like, internationally

None yet.
19) If you don’t have children, why not? Do you plan to?
we are planning to. we’re just a little bit busy at the moment with careers and projects. maybe next year.
20) What is the best and the worst thing about international marriage?
Best thing is probably being able to live someplace else, experience another country, another continent, learning a new language. The worst thing about an international marriage is taking care of Visa crap. France is the international undisputed king of paperwork and bureaucracy. Heres an example of the french system – You go into the visa office and they say “here are your papers, you must sign for them” you say “ok, no problem I’ll sign these papers, may I borrow a pen?” then they say “yes you may borrow a pen, but you must first sign for it” ” But how can I sign the papers without a pen” “first you must sign for it” ” But I just told you I don’t have a pen” “first you must sign for it” This is why guns are not legal in France.

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