International Marriage Series – Tell Us About Your Marriage!

International Wedding
In the time we’ve been together, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits and the hardships of international marriage. When Hanane and I first became engaged a friend emailed me “Welcome to the nightmare of international marriage bureaucracy!” It’s true, we’ve suffered through many forms, lines, and bureaucratic quagmires already….and I’m sure there will be more, but the benefits seem to far outweigh these…

It got me curious about other international marriages and relationships. One thing about world travel is that you meet quite a few couples who come from different countries and so I asked a few people if they would answer some questions for me. The answers I’ve received are touching, funny, and sometimes, cautionary. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting the answers that my friends have provided. If you are in an international marriage or long term relationship, feel free to answer the following questions and send me your answers.

1) Your name (optional if you prefer to use a pseudonym it’s okay)
2) Your blog or website(again- optional)
3) Your nationality
4) Spouses nationality
5) Where do you live now? Do you live with your spouse?
6) Amount of time married
7) Are you still married?
8) How did you meet?
9) What was the biggest impediment to getting married?
10) Where did you get married?
11) What was your marriage ceremony like?
12) How is the relationship with your in-laws?
13) What about your spouses with your family?
14) What was your biggest cultural misunderstanding?
15) Can you tell a funny story about a cultural mishap?
16) Have you traveled with your spouse?
17) If so, has it been challenging? Why?
18) If not, why not?
19) Do you have children? If so, what is that like, internationally speaking.
20) If you don’t have children, why not? Do you plan to?
21) What is the best and the worst thing about international marriage?


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