Independent Travel with Children


Being able to appreciate the enjoyment that comes with traveling independently with my children has enhanced many international journeys. In addition, I have many fond memories that I love to share with others about travels with both my parents and my own travel with children. Traveling with children can be plenty of fun, and gives the children experiences that will enhance their emotional growth. Children are naturally spontaneous, which makes bringing them along on a long distance journey a very viable option.

Making Travel Arrangements

I have found it helpful to make a few simple travel arrangements to help make my trip child-friendly. First of all, I like to check out promotions and coupons, I will also use coupon codes whenever it is possible. Many airlines offer coupons or discounts through social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Here is a great flight tip, during a long flight, I request bulk-head seats when making my plane reservations. Bulk-head seats are close to the front of the plane, which makes for easy boarding. They also have additional foot room and space to store a multitude of snacks, toys and blankets.

Inside the TubeThese items will remain at our feet so that they are convenient and accessible for the duration of the flight. The flight attendants are more than willing to fulfill special requests, including heating bottles, special meals and fun snacks.

The Benefits Of Flexibility

The children have always adjusted very well despite the time changes. Because of their enviable ability to take frequent naps, they were always eager and ready to go to the next place with me.
Their flexible demeanor was a world of difference from some of the uptight adults that I have traveled with. I have found that keeping snacks on hand at all times helps keep hunger at bay, even if it’s just a handful of trail mix or a couple of granola bars to keep them from getting hungry between meals. International people are usually extremely giving and accommodating to children, which is always appreciated.

Tips For Traveling With Children

Kids / Laos, VangviengBelow are a few things that I’ve learned over the years that have helped make my journeys fun and hassle free. A little bit of planning goes a long way towards ensuring happiness for everyone.

• Keep snacks and drinks handy

• Dress your child in several light layers

• Keep your diaper bag or day bag fully stocked

• Bring a change of clothing

• Know the location of restrooms

• Don’t try to adhere to a strict schedule

• Think ahead and print out possible coupons and promotions before you leave home

• Be spontaneous and have fun

Make Each Day An Adventure

Keeping our vacation schedule varied keeps all of us entertained and looking forward to the next adventure. I will sometimes promise a reward at the end of the day for good behavior, such as a visit to an ice cream parlor or playground (Don’t forget to print the coupons!).

More often than not, I won’t, because I want my children to know how to adapt and have a good time, wherever they end up. I believe that learning to develop spontaneity and flexibility is a reward in itself.

Brian Simpson loves to travel and is always looking out for bargain vacations and family fun coupons to make his trips a bit more budget friendly.

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