Incredible hostels of Lisbon

Last night was a very different hosteling experience for me than I’ve had.

The hostels of Lisboa / Lisbon are the most magnificent in the world. This is one of the only cities I would consider hosteling in again.

Complete list of Lisbon Hostels.

Read this description of this hostel and you might get the idea:

Living Lounge, Lisbon’s newest hostel, takes hostel art and traveling life to a whole new level.

Each double, single and dorm room at the hostel is aunique work of art, having been individually designed by local artists to reflect different elements of Lisbon’s rich culture.

Although every room is different, they have all been crafted with the same goal in mind:
providing our guests with supreme comfort, security and style during their stay.

Our hostel features a luxurious and spacious downstairs lounge area, providing the perfect place to sip a drink, listen to music and meet people from around the world. Upstairs we have a peaceful indoor garden room, a lovely place to bring a book and relax. Our guests are welcome to use our free WiFi internet, and our friendly staff can provide you with free maps and any tourist info you might need.

Living Lounge, opened in July 2008, is the newest project from the same group who own and operate the Lisbon Lounge Hostel, recently named the world’s best boutique hostel in The Times. With Living Lounge, we bring you the same high standards of quality and design but with an exciting new artistic concept.

While the luxury and comfort of the hostel are certainly nice, I’m not entirely sure that it works for me. Tonight I will be staying in this hostel:

Combining the charm of a historical building with the confort of modernity, we are located in the heart of the city, between the castle and Bairro Alto – the nightlife quarter – and a next to all the major transport networks.

This means you don´t have to waste your time and money to move around – the major historical and fun areas of Lisbon are all walking distance from the Home Hostel.

As our main concern is that you spend a perfect time with us, we have refurbished everything – new bathrooms with many showers so you don´t have to wait for your turn, a big kitchen were you can cook your own meals, a big living room to party and meet your fellow guests and most importantly, great beds in spacious rooms, all with balconies or big windows to the city.

OH and we can’t forget the Playstation 2, the Huge DVD collection and the FREE laundry service.

If all this wasn’t enough, we actually bake the bread for breakfast ourselves!

And then hopefully I can get back to some couchsurfing…I know this sounds odd, but if you create a fancy pants sort of atmosphere then you end up sitting in a hostel with french opera singers that drink too much and spoiled rich kids that are here because it is chic rather than because it is cheap. Last night this place turned into a sort of chic club where I didn’t really have the desire to get to know most of the people sitting around me…

It was hip and it was cool and as clubs and bars go, it was a very cool place, only problem is that all the coolness sort of got in the way of what I like about hostels in the first place….

Forget all about five star luxury hotels. Given the current economic situation they are bad taste right now. Instead you should rather find a charming hostel full of personality.
Hostels are no longer reserved the youth and backpackers as lots of them have smartened up with funky design and individual bathrooms. They have become a serious alternative to the more expensive hotels, and while the rest of the hotel business is complaining about missing guests, the worlds’ hostels have just had their best year ever, according to the membership organisation Hostelling International.

But where are those charming spots with clean rooms, a friendly owner and a central location? Lissabon seems to be the place to go. According to hostelworld, who just have rated the hottest hostels in the world by asking its 800,000 users, three out of the seven best hostels are located in the Portuguese capital.

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