I Dream of Shopping  at the London Boat Show

The last time I was in London was for the World Travel Market which took place at Excel Center. I stayed in Chelsea on a houseboat – and it was Awesome. I love sleeping on the water. I love living on the water. One of my biggest regrets of leaving North Africa, Europe, and Turkey was giving up the Mediterranean – and the annual sailing trip on my friend’s yacht.

Massey Shaw Tug

Don’t get me wrong – I live on the Pacific Coast and I also love sailing in the Pacific, fishing the blue waters, and watching whales from the rocky Oregon shores – but there is something perfect when it comes to the Med. Maybe it’s the warmth – maybe it’s the people and food – maybe it’s that you can see Morocco from Spain and reach Greece in a few hours from Turkey. I don’t know – I just know I miss it.

In any event, what has brought up these feelings of nostalgia was a friend mentioning that he is heading to the London Boat Show 2014. The show is currently running at Excel until the 12th of January (it began January 4th). Personally, I would gravitate to the sailing areas – but I have to admit – the watersports and power boats areas would certainly be worth looking into. I bet the parties after hours are off the hook.

My buddy doesn’t have a houseboat to stay on, so he is being put up by his company at the Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury – which is a good choice considering it’s proximity to the British Museum and easy access to Excel. I’m guessing a lot of the exhibitors and show goers are staying there.



One of the reasons that I’ve always loved boat shows in particular is the chance to dream and I’m certain that there will be some of the world’s most fabulous yachts and luxury boats there – in addition to the featured boats they have listed which include the famous 1899 sailing barge Melissa and the Massey Shaw steam ship. Of course, what really is exciting is the chance to see the ultra luxury yachts that look more like spaceships. Huge sailing ships that are so mechanized that you can sail them with a single hand.

I wish my wife didn’t get motion sickness. If that were the case we could buy a boat, live on it, and make our life sailing on the Mediterranean. As a sailor, another thing I’d love is the chance to network with boat owners who just might be looking for crew. It would also be fun to go to the splicing and know tying workshops and of course to hit the parties, like tonight’s late night Thursday part of the show.

London Boat Show

Ah well, maybe next year.

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