How to Get Cheap Accommodation in Tokyo

I still haven’t finalised any accommodation in Japan and it is less than three weeks until I arrive. I have a few options:

  • Couch Surfing
  • A bed in a dorm at a cheap backpacking hostel
  • A Tokyo capsule hotel which costs only 1600 Japanese Yen per night and is in the center of Tokyo.
  • Trying out

capsule hotelI have filled in my Couch Surfing profile and sent off one request. I am not entirely sure if I want to couch surf. Afterall, I am traveling solo and I would prefer a larger group of people, such as the interesting people that you can find in a cheap backpacking hostel. However, the less money that I spend, the longer I can travel! So, couch surfing wins… just. I am sure the hosts will be nice, but walking into a complete strangers home feels a bit of a strange concept. The new environment, culture and language barrier is enough of a learning curve.

I definitely want to try out a Tokyo capsule hotel while I am there. What is the best accommodation in Tokyo for you?

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