Hottest Vacation Spots for 2014 Holidays

Here we are – already at the end of the first month of the New Year – of course, it’s the Chinese New Year now, so one could argue that we are actually at the first day of the new year, but I don’t want to confuse things more than I already have.

2014 is shaping up into a great year for travel. The economies of the world seem to be picking up, currencies are relatively flat or low in the countries that are on the hot list, and there are more places to go than ever before thanks to further development of travel infrastructure, expansion of budget airlines, and the world wide boom in the tourist economy.

Without further ado – here are my top five recommendations for the trip of a lifetime in 2014.

Holiday in Turkey
I make no secret of the fact that Turkey is my top destination in any year. Why wouldn’t it be? With a fascinating 5000 year old history, incredible foot, glorious architecture, more Roman and Greek ruins and either Italy or Greece, astounding museums, The Marmara, The Aegean, The Mediterranean, The Black Sea, The Bosphorus, The Dardanelles, Europe and Asia, Cappadocia, and Istanbul – there is something for everyone in Turkey from mountain climbing to the staff of Moses and the sword of the Prophet Mohammad. Turkey is awesome and holidays to Turkey in 2014 are better than ever – the Turkish Lira is weak against most currencies right now, infrastructure is solid and safe, and the government is adept at weathering any difficulties.  All of this and more puts Turkey at #1 on my Hot List.
Vacation in Hawaii
Is there ever a bad time to go to Hawaii? Nope. Swaying palm trees, hula shows, poke (fresh marinated fish), the exploding Hawai’ian cuisine scene, surfing, and hotels that always seem to be offering something new and special. Hawai’i is the queen of tourism for a reason. Here’s a great Hawai’i tip for you – prices are lowest at the times that students are in school. If the kids are on holiday, prices go up.  Here’s another tip – Allegiant Air flies from US cities and during low times you can find round trips for as little as $150 per person – but here’s the catch – no baggage allowance. Who cares? Leave the clothes at home and wear three layers when you get on the plane. Bring your toothbrush in your pocket. It’s Hawai’i!
Holiday Malaysia
I love Malaysia. Nowhere else do you get the same mixture of cultures and histories that you find in Malaysia.  It’s a country with amazing beaches, exotic wild life, a booming high tech scene, scrumdiddlyumptious foods and more than it’s fair share of islands and resorts. Nearly everyone speaks English and you can find fish and chips, Indian food, Malay, Chinese, and good old fashioned milk shakes (if you ask – and since everyone speaks English, that’s easy).
Malaysia is an easy, affordable holiday waiting to happen.
The Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountains
Pacific Northwest Vacation
Get ready for some high flying marijuana tourism in some of America’s most beautiful regions. The legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington State and Colorado means that you can get a Rocky Mountain High or just get stoned watching the gorgeous sunsets on the Pacific Coast. Whether you want to check out the food truck scene in Portland, the awesome coastal areas of Reedsport, or head to Boulder to get stoned – you can expect to see a lot of hippie vans and tie dye along with plenty of ‘square’ types sparking up bowls. (Note: While recreational marijuana isn’t yet legal in Oregon you can expect that to happen very soon – things just take longer when everyone is stoned.)
Vacation in Morocco
If I didn’t mention Morocco, I would be doing a disservice to a fabulous country and a fascinating people. A trip to Morocco is the  trip you will never forget. Morocco is a fairly laid back Muslim country that will overload your senses and blow your mind. No marijuana needed. The old medina of Fez is the world’s largest car free urban area and the only inhabited Islamic Medieval city in the world. Get lost in the more than 13,000 streets and have a tajine!
Those are my recommendations for 2014 – What about you? Where are your travel holiday hot spots for 2014?
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