PhotoEssay:  Urban Hike down Manoa Stream – Honolulu

As I sit here in Rimini, Italy and just had my first swim in the Adriatic Sea, I am pining for Hawaii where the beach towels outnumber the rented beach chairs and the urban streams are surprisingly exotic. Not to mention the mangoes are as big as my head. a huge mango in Hawaii(Originally published June 25, 2008)

This was a sweet urban hike. I suppose it was because the meetup was on a Wednesday at 10 am, but no one showed up, which actually, I’m glad about that. This hike turned out to be a lot more rugged and difficult than I would have expected. I had to do some serious bush-whacking on parts of the stream, the mosquitos were viscious, and there was definitely some slightly sketchy rock climbing involved. I started out at the Manoa Marketplace coffee bean and tea leaf at 10:30. I walked across the parking lot and climbed down to the stream behind the McDonalds. Then I just cruised. The photos are in reverse order (bottom is beginning of hike) and you can read my ‘real time’ (is there such a thing?) reactions on Twitter.
Here is a video I took of a White Rumped Shama, one of the most gifted songbirds in Hawaii. I also saw plenty of Java Sparrows, Hawaiian Ducks, Herons, Zebra Doves, Spotted Doves, Mynas, Finches, and a few I didn’t know what they were plus Mongooses (Mongeese?) and lots of colorful fish. Lots of interesting plants, several surprisingly deep caves, and not a soul on the trail I followed other than his royal personage (me). More wildlife than I see on other trails and less people. Solid hike.

We’ll (perhaps this is the royal we if no one shows up again) do another one next Wednesday. Meeting location will be an urban coffee shop 10am and then walk to wherever I want to eat lunch.


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