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Hitching Across Canada – Exhausting. An Update.

Hitching Across Canada – Exhausting. An Update.

Vagabonding and relationship aren’t always compatible, but it’s a safe bet that the travel is worth it.

Hot Air Balloon RidesAt the moment I am embarked upon perhaps the biggest adventure of my life. You have no idea how big Canada is until you try to cross it with no sleeping bag, no car, no tent, and only $4 Canadian. Started out in Quebec City and now am in North Bay in Ontario. It has been epic getting here and I will update more completely when I have time.

If you don’t believe that this is epic…I want to hear what you think is. Slept in an abandoned pickup truck last night, have been stopped by the police twice, had numerous rides and despite starting with litttle food and $4 canadian, at the moment I have a full belly, am using free wireless, and have $7.03 Canadian

I admit it though, I am fucking tired. That’s about 630 miles covered so far. The cost was actually I got paid $3.03 Canadian. Can’t beat that deal. Only about three times this distance to go.

Wish me luck.

(Originally published 24 May 2009)