History of Travel: Travel During the Dark Ages

travel in the dark agesTravel during the Dark Times

Massive forests with wild animals and obscure, long roads are some of the places travelers encounter during the Dark Ages. Only bravery can overcome the challenges travelers meet in the road.

The Outsiders

Travelling centuries ago was done by walking or riding a horse. Transporting was gradual and took months to arrive in the destination. Nights were spent under the moon beside the road or in the forests. The daunting scene was even added with tales of demons and spirits of the forests. Travelers had nothing to do but to cope up with the situation and let fear pass until the sun rises.

Strangers in a certain territory were usually ambushed by the locals. The life of a traveler is too risky. The Dark Ages was a period of violence. A stranger wasn’t given a chance to be asked what they are doing in the road or forest. It was the local people’s way of preventing thieves to their land.

The Diminishing Period of the Dark Ages

As time went by, merchants traveling in the road were less attacked by the townsmen. They are safer to travel with their products for trade and sell. Their destination was usually the marketplace of the Roman towns. Some merchants export their products by shipping them in the ports. Valuable goods like silk, jewelries, gold, spices, wine, ivory, brass, tin, and copper were exported to other countries.

The Contribution of the Romans

The Romans were smart and skilled people. They were responsible for building roads and towns that was accessible to different areas. They are not only proficient builders but they know where to properly position infrastructures and roads. Changes occurred when the Anglo- Saxons conquered the land. They abandoned the roads and infrastructures the Romans built and replaced them on their own. But the roads they built weren’t as successful as the Romans.

The Anglo- Saxons didn’t bother to repair the roads, bridges, and towns the Romans built. This was a disadvantage to travelers because paths were destroyed, grassy, and filthy. This resulted to difficult journeys of carts and travelers. Traveling became uneasy and complicated. Fast horses would definitely tumble down and products would be ruined. Merchants were observant during their travel. Caution took place when trees and large branches are blocked in the road. This means that an ambush would take place. Travelers were always ready to bring their swords for battle.

Travelers who hiked were also in great danger. There’s a great possibility that their feet would be stuck in the holes of the road. Travelers could get injured and be killed by criminals while walking.

Travelers of the Dark Ages had to consider many factors before travelling. Their lives were usually at stake.

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