Happy Valentines Day from Vagobond!

My Moroccan Valentine

I hope you guys will excuse my pausing on the regularly scheduled posts for a couple of days. While traveling in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, and Turkey each day I was talking with my wife who is carrrying our little Vagabond (due in July or August inchallah)… I was happy that she wasn’t haveing to deal with some of the hardships of travel and she is certainly happy being in Morocco with her mom and sister during the pregnancy…but…I felt pretty bad that we wouldn’t be together for Valentines…I wired some money to a friend who bought flowers and chocolates to surprise her with…but I still felt it wasn’t enough. So, I took a night bus to Sofia, a night train to Istanbul, and a night flight to Casablanca followed by a day train to Fes, a grand taxi to Sefrou, and a petit taxi to her mom’s house and I got to deliver the flowers myself. From the smile on her face (and of course her words and kisses), I think my Valentines surprise did the trick. The only problem is …how the hell am I ever going to top that next year? No worries…for right now, I’m just happy to have a couple of days with my lovely (and pregnant) wife before I jet back on the road. So, please excuse the delay in telling you about bombs, secret police, spies, wine tastings, and numerous other adventures that have come and will come soon. Happy Valentines day to all of you.


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