Halloween in Morocco

View from my window in Sefrou

I think I have the best window view in all of Sefrou.

From where I’m sitting, it appears that there is no such thing as Halloween in Morocco, though I did see one young boy in a mask sitting in the vegetable souk. I took a picture with Hanane’s camera. I’ll post the picture later, inchallah.

Sadly, my first night in the Casbah was totally without incident. No efrites, no djinn, no visits from Aisha Kandisha. All that happened was that I had the best nights sleep I’ve had since coming to Morocco.

A place to hang my hat in Sefrou

Finally, home is where I hang my hat. I hope it stays here for a while.

The white noise of the water lulled me to sleep and put me in the la la zone. I woke up feeling refreshed and great. The Agay River (pronounced Gay River) is right outside and just up the stream is a waterfall. It’s all very beautiful once you learn to not look at the garbage which is abundant everywhere in Morocco.
Agai River Sefrou
The old view from my neighborhood in SefrouThe grand Mosque of Sefrou

The Great Mosque of Sefrou is a monumental and picturesque ,being built on the banks of Agay river,the date of its foundation is unknown ,but we know that already existed in the foureenth centry through a note chroniclers Kunfud Ibn Alkastantini.According to an inscription on the door of the minerat wich shows the date of nearly seventh centry,The Great Mosque was restored by the sultan Moulay Sliman,It has been extended to the north side ,Covering an area of 1250 meters squaren,Has six gates access , 4 on the side of the court and 2 in the south side.

I woke up to the sounds of birds singing in the jungle across the river. It was like waking in a dream, particularly because before I moved in the landlord painted my entire apartment the most lovely blue I could have imagined. Moroccan Wife

My Moroccan wife, inchallah, Hanane.

And that brings me to the point where I can explain my new tagline. No longer a homeless secret agent but instead now living the Casbah life, with my future Moroccan wife (inchallah), and trying to fix my little apartment with my nifty knock off Swiss Army Knife. So far I’ve replaced the locks, fixed the shutters, done a small amount of plumbing, and adjusted a bit of electrical wiring, though I admit, in order to get my big Spanish door lock to fit, I had to go out to the Souk to find a wood rasp for about a dollar and aquarter (10 dirham).
Moving in was simple. I have a few Arabic books, a few sets of clothes, a homemade French press, a solar shower, my netbook, and a few odds and ends that all fit in my two bags.

Yassine gave me a small mattress. Hanane’s mom gave me a blue gas bottle and kettle and I bought a burner for the gas bottle, so I can make hot water. That’s it. As for money…haha. None to speak of since my banks both were hacked and my cards got cancelled…both of them! What luck. Happy Halloween. I won’t be getting any trick or treaters, but maybe a djinn or two. What I’d really love though is a gin and tonic.


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