The Great American Eclipse – And Why I Won’t Be Seeing It in Madras, Oregon

I’m a little sad that my family and I will be missing the eclipse (most of it, I mean we can see a little of it in Hawai’i) to be more specific – we will be missing the opportunity to gaze up at the totally eclipsed sun in the path of totality. Initially, when I was making my crazy escape from the USA plan, that was our starting point – so I bought tickets for us to Solarfest in Madras, Oregon – we were going to share camping space with friends, and then we were going to set off on a mad-cap around the world adventure with our ukuleles – looking for the perfect place to live. That was my plan – I was going to take all summer to sell our accumulated possessions and then with nothing but the Vanagon we were going to hit the road to the eclipse and then travel around the world for a year or more…

I remember the last total eclipse from 1979 – I was 7 years old and we made viewers in school even though in California we were not in the path of totality…but if you want to see that eclipse – this is my favorite part – check out the wierd chicken skin you will get when he mentions 38 years in the future – August 21st, 2017

So, yes, we were going to go see the eclipse – I still have the tickets in my bag…

But things changed. My wife had some health issues, our shop sold and gave us a wind-fall that allowed us to make a move to Hawai’i, and I realized that school started in Hawai’i right around the first of August – so we pretty much gave away our worldly possessions, parked the Vanagon at my friends house, and gave up our eclipse festival tickets (which I had already purchased) and round the world tickets (which thankfully I hadn’t bought) and we moved to Hawai’i. I still had a sort of idea about using airline points to fly back to the mainland and using the tickets but recently found out that Hawaiian Airlines has blacked out the dates so my daughter would need to miss nearly a week of school and it would cost us close to $5000. Nope, we will miss it. It makes me a little bit sad, but that’s just the way it is.

Frankly, it’s worth it to be away from a town where they carved and displayed Trump (and Jesus) statues with chainsaws and where idiots drove around with rebel flags in the back of their pickup trucks. There were some good people in the town we left, we miss them – but there were a lot of racist assholes too and we don’t miss any of them. Maybe we’ll catch the next total eclipse…I just hope everyone stays safe and enjoys this one.

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