Getting the Most Out of Argentina

Guest Story by Vera Petryk

The Stunning Landscape of Argentina cc Image courtesy of Mazzallmadi on FlickrA trip to South America cannot be complete without visiting the brightest and the most interesting country – Argentina. Argentina is the country of contrast, a country of hot sun and golden beaches and ice-cold Patagonia, beautiful gardens and mighty Andes Mountains, deep canyons and glacier lakes.

Argentina starts in its capital Buenos Aires – a city of charming architecture and a passionate tango. Second Paris or the most European city in South America is one of the most elegant cities in the country. It has great entertainment, interesting people and vivid La Boca. La Boca can be described as an architectural rainbow of the city. Here you will find numerous multicolored buildings, street tango dancers and a wonderful museum of football. You can stay in a nice hotel Adelai, where you will be fed and taken care of.

Once you explore Buenos Aires I suggest you take Route 40, which is an analogue of route 66 in the USA. It is the longest road in South America. This road is the most interesting and at the same time it is the most extreme way to explore Argentina. Route 40 (Ruta 40) is divided into 2 parts: southern and northern. Once you hit the road be ready to numerous adventures. The first stop that you should do is Mendoza – it is a beautiful province filled with vine yards, charming landscapes and friendly people. Though it is a rare case to find somebody who speaks English you won’t feel left out. Mendoza citizens are very tolerant and open-hearted they will surely make you try delicious Mendoza vine. There are also many interesting festivals. They are held throughout the year and include a tasty food, a folk singing and all night dancing.

 Iguassu Falls  ccImage courtesy of Claudio Mufarrage on FlickrMoving forward you will get to the most powerful place in Argentina – Iguassu waterfall. Not everybody knows that it is higher than Niagara and wider than Victoria. But it is not the size that attracts thousands of tourists to this place every year- it is an incredible beauty of the nature. There is also a great museum dedicated to different types of trees, which I highly recommend to visit.

Last but not the least stop on your Ruta 40 journey is a severe Patagonia. Patagonia is the coldest province in Argentina with deep canyons, glacier lakes and breathtaking Ushuaia – the most southern city in the world. Ushuaia is the place where the time stops and all you see is nature. You will see hundreds of penguins, whales and different birds. Don’t forget to take a tour on the “End of the World train”, which will take you to enormous national park “Tierra del Fuego” (Fire Island).

If you dare to travel more, prepare that the road can get really rocky as most of the rest roads are not paved and some will not fit a car. In total, travelling in Argentina is a lot of pleasure. The only tip is to learn a little bit of Spanish and prepare to sleep less to see all of it.

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